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Have you already started taking driving lessons but stopped, and now you’re looking to carry on?

The part trained courses are for learner drivers who have already started taking driving lessons with either another driving school or privately, perhaps with friends or a member of the family. It may be that you’re more developed than a beginner and therefore don’t need to start from scratch.

Some people stop learning to drive because they may have had a bad experience with their previous driving instructor.

Tell me about your experience

When you first contact Progress Driving school, we will ask you some questions about any previous driving experience you may have and find out some of the things you have already covered. Or it may be that you just had a bad experience overall and have stopped driving for a while but now want to start up again.

Once I’ve established where you are with your driving, I can then start to put a plan and strategy together to help you work towards your driving test.

We know that everyone is different so we tailor all lessons to be personal to YOU. By formulating a plan for you and having a structure it helps you to learn in fewer lessons and therefore saving you time and money!

Your first driving lesson

Due to the phone call we would have had at the start, your driving instructor will have an idea of what you can do so a small evaluation lesson may be a good idea. This will show your instructor what you’re good at and as mentioned earlier, it will help your instructor to create a plan for you so you can concentrate on any areas of development.

At the end of this driving lesson, you will have learned some new skills, improved your current skills and will have a development plan charting your way to become a safe driver in order to pass the driving test.

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