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We´ll take you from a complete novice and make you a safe, confident driver for life!

Progress Driving School have 2 main aims, my first is to make sure that you’re a safe driver and my second aim is to help you pass your driving test. The driving test is just a measure of your driving ability, checking to make sure you are a safe driver.

On your first driving lesson, you will be driving, and over the course of your lessons you will learn the foundations of safe driving for life and for passing your driving test. I will ask that on each of your driving lessons you use these foundations because they will not only make you safe but also help turn you into a natural, stress free driver – making driving fun!

Indeed driving can be a lot of fun but many people get stressed with it. We will show you how to drive in a hassle free environment, and even on your first driving lesson you will love it.

Only approximately 47% of learner drivers pass first their driving test time.

Most driving instructors will tell you that it does not matter if you fail first time, and while they are correct it’s not the news you want to hear. You want to be going into your driving test with every opportunity of passing first time, after all, you are paying for professional driving lessons so it is only fair you go into your driving test with every chance of passing first time. The main reason why only 1 in 4 pupils will pass their driving test first time is because they are not ready.

If you want to stand a better chance of passing your driving test first time then get in touch today

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